A business plan is a management tool common in a market economy, the basis of a specific marketing, financial, logistical, personnel policy of running your own business. The development of…

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Is our business profitable for investors?
Let's look at our lender, he gave a loan of $ 250, the business is profitable, we can pay him 10% a year, he is happy because he receives 10%…

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What's the secret? A well-chosen name can impress your fans, while a banal boring name is unlikely to add admiration for your business venture. True, it is never too late…

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1. Burn all ships

Imagine yourself for a second a warrior who traveled by sea to the lands of the enemy. A few moments before the start of the attack, your commander calls out: “We must burn all the ships before launching the offensive!”

What would you be?

If you are like me, then you would certainly be frightened. But at the same time you would have a great incentive. Suddenly, you realize that the only safe way home is through your victory.

If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, burn all the ships. Adjust yourself only for success and destroy all possible alternatives. Do not contact your former boss with a question about whether there is a prospect of going back to work. Do not even allow yourself to think that it is worth continuing to study if, six months after launching, your business will not make a profit. Do not look for a side job to make ends meet and slightly defuse a heated situation. Better take a loan and let this fear motivate you.

Tune in to success, burning all the ships and ways to retreat.

2. Find a mentor

Now that you have destroyed all the ways to retreat, take a mentor to your team who will be one of its main members. A good mentor will show you how to cope with failures and help you succeed faster.

Where to find such a teacher? Think about what you would like to achieve in 10-20 years. Then find such a person in your city that has already achieved this, and send him / her an e-mail. Ask to meet for a cup of coffee, a snack in a cafe, etc., depending on what is convenient for this person. At least 15 minutes.

As soon as you make an appointment, try to listen 80% of your conversation time to listen to your mentor. Contact him again in a few months, talking about how your business is progressing, and ask to meet again. Continue to arrange such meetings until your relationship becomes strong.

3. Stay Cheerful

Today it is fashionable to say to novice entrepreneurs that life is an easy thing, if you are obsessed with your business and are determined to succeed. Unfortunately, I do not think so. Despite the fact that entrepreneurship is a business that can bring a good income, it is also a stubborn struggle for survival during the first year and even more.

The advice that will help you get through the precarious stage of starting your business is to make sure that your life outside the class you have started is just as easy and relaxed. Make sure that every week you plan at least one activity or entertainment that you are looking forward to. You will relax behind this occupation and be charged with energy, which you then send to the business.

In addition, life is too short to forget about rest.

The beginning is always the most difficult stage. In fact, most of these undertakings fail even before the slightest chance of success appears. Make the most of all the opportunities, destroying the paths for retreat, armed with the advice of a mentor and not forgetting to enjoy life.

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