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Business site, by definition, should work for the benefit of the enterprise. What do you expect from your site? What with it will you attract customers? Or that he will make your company known throughout the country?

Before talking about the effectiveness of the site for business, it is necessary to determine the expectations and goals that face the site.

Why do you need a website?

To sell goods directly from the site? Do you have a wide variety of product offerings? Then you need an online store. With it, you will achieve maximum efficiency from the site. You will be able to tell about all your products and enable the customer to make the order as convenient and simple as possible.

Do you want your company recognized in your city? Make a business card site. Place a link to it in the city’s forums and in newspaper ads. Interested customers will visit your site and contact you by phone or other means.

Do you want to not just sell a product, but help the client solve his problems? Create an information site that will contain all the necessary information about your product, about problems that the client can solve with their help.

Do you often carry out promotions, prize draws, sales? You need a contact site or company blog. And be sure to send email news of the company to customers.

Site effectiveness is determined by conversion

The more your visitors become your customers, the more you will get from the site. The more effective it will be.

Before you will face the dilemma of increasing the conversion of the site. And this is achieved in several ways.

First, site content plays a key role. The effectiveness of texts depends on whether they are read or not. If the visitor began to read the text and read to the end, then you have a chance to turn it into a buyer. Naturally, if the visitor is targeted, that is, who came for the purpose of purchase, but has not yet decided on the seller.

The art of attracting the attention of the visitor with the help of texts and turning them into clients are engaged in copywriters. These are people who professionally write advertising and selling articles for sites. Accordingly, their services are not cheap. But the effectiveness of such texts can be tens of times greater than the return from an article by a cheap author.

Site design and usability also play an important role in attracting customers. If your site is filled with interesting selling articles, but the visitor does not find the column “make an order” or contact information, then all the work is for nothing.

Usability, or usability of the site is now even evaluated by search engines as an important factor in ranking, search results.

Analysis of the effectiveness of the site will help make Google Analytics

Using the analytical tools Google provides for your site allows you to:

1) Determine where you get visitors from.
2) To determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns to attract customers from social networks and other sites.
3) Determine the place of residence of your customers.
4) Answer the question that visitors are looking for on the site.
5) And finally, why and how visitors leave the site without making an order.

As you can see, Google Analytics is a powerful tool for monitoring website performance for business. Serious Internet projects and small sites use it to find tools to improve the site in the eyes of users.

Website for business requires investment, investment. Although it may not be big money, but without these costs it is impossible to either create a website or achieve a normal return from it. So do not take the time and money to ensure that your site is effective and bring you profit. Otherwise, it will remain one of the millions of failed sites lost on the Internet.

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