What is the essence of the emotional motivation of staff
Any staff of absolutely any enterprise needs to be constantly motivated, a lot of useful literature has been created on the topic of motivation, but still it all comes down…

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Transport and online ticket office - set or postpone?
Small and medium-sized businesses, and so life is not easy. If you sell something, you must sell it through an online cashier. The state has announced total control over the…

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How to organize your business
Making money with your own business is the dream of many employees. Not everyone is given by virtue of nature, but with a strong desire you can try. With a…

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1. Once the mouse noticed that the farm owner had set up a mousetrap. She told about this chicken, sheep and cow. But they all answered: “The mousetrap is your problem, it has nothing to do with us!”

A little later a snake caught the mousetrap – and bit the farmer’s wife. Trying to heal her, his wife cooked chicken soup. Then they slaughtered a sheep to feed everyone who came to visit the sick. And, finally, they slaughtered a cow in order to adequately feed the guests at the funeral.

And all this time, the mouse watched what was happening through a hole in the wall and thought about things that have nothing to do with anyone!

MORALS: If something does not concern you directly, do not think that this something will not hit you on the head

2. The eagle sat in a tree, rested and did nothing.
The little rabbit saw the eagle and asked:
– “And can I sit too, like you, and do nothing?”
“Of course, why not,” he answered.
The rabbit sat under a tree and began to rest. Suddenly a fox appeared, grabbed a rabbit and ate it.

MORALS: To sit and do nothing, you must sit very, very high.

3. On the farm sick horse.

“If he doesn’t get up in the morning, I will put him to sleep.”
In the morning the horse did not get up. Nearby lay a ram:
– Well, let’s get up or you’ll die!
The horse got up.
– This is a miracle! It must be celebrated! On this occasion, we slaughter a ram!

MORALITY: Never get involved in your own business (but do not forget about the mousetrap story).

4. Three people rolled stones. One of them was asked: – What are you doing?
He wiped the sweat from his forehead and replied: – I am horny.
We approached the second and asked: – What are you doing?
He rolled up his sleeves and efficiently said: “I make money.”
They asked the third: – And what are you doing?
He looked up and said: – The temple system.

MORAL: Life is filled with meaning only by one who pursues a great goal.

5. The taxi driver brings a famous millionaire in the city. He pays exactly on the counter.
Taxi driver:
– Yesterday I brought your son a lift, so he left me $ 100 for tea.
“So what do you want: his dad is a millionaire, and I am an orphan.”

MORALS: Only those who themselves have earned their money, truly know their price.

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