Not every employee wants to work in an office (and most often among them are the most talented unique specialists). In addition, renting real estate is not the cheapest. Therefore,…

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1. Set aside time for a personal conversation with the employee. The first thing that needs to be done is to find some time to talk with an employee one-on-one.…

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Business site, by definition, should work for the benefit of the enterprise. What do you expect from your site? What with it will you attract customers? Or that he will…

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1. The need for awareness
First of all, you need to accept the fact that regardless of the position that you occupy, you have an impact on the lives of those around you. Often we do not even realize how we directly or indirectly influence others. But it is very important to realize what we are doing and choose the appropriate behavior.

2. Be principled and persistent
Let the person whom you consider yourself to manifest in your every action. Do not contradict yourself. Do not look for easy ways. Create your image in the eyes of others and become an example for them. Your actions are determined by your aspirations, and your influence is determined by your actions.

3. Be sincere and open.
No need to play in public. Be real. Be honest. This creates trust, and trust increases influence.

4. Take responsibility
Do not look for excuses. If you make a mistake, then immediately admit your guilt. Being a leader does not mean being perfect. Learn from mistakes and lead others forward.

5. Look for solutions to problems.
No need to sit back and complain about your problems. Instead, try to solve them. Those who can solve problems look good in the eyes of others. If you become such a person, you can gain credibility – because you will discover new perspectives.

6. Be proactive
No need to sit back in anticipation of someone who will take the lead. Act if you want to positively influence events. Become one who offers new ideas, risks and leads to the desired future.

7. Enter the position of others
Take time to understand other people’s feelings. What prompts them to do just that? What worries them? They will not pay attention to your ideas until you pay attention to them. But … you must be sincere. You must be really interested. People are more important than numbers.

8. Appreciate others and do not hide it.
A simple “thank you” is capable of performing miracles, especially if it was said to strangers. Notice the efforts of others, bring them as a brilliant example, so that everyone can see it. By doing this, you influence the actions of others, indicating which actions are correct and correct. We all want to be appreciated and praised.

9. How to respond?
People notice everything. You can not always control what is happening, but you can control your reaction to it. And your reaction is seen by those around you. Do not give in to emotions, calm down, think about what is happening. Do not forget about the results of their behavior.

10. Look for good in others
This may seem strange, but in order not to fall into egoism and manipulation, you should use your influence for the benefit of others more than for yourself. Help those who follow you. Let your influence serve to bring out something good in others. You can see in them the potential that they themselves do not notice. Help them uncover it.

11. Be guided by the Golden Rule.
Do to others the way you would like others to do to you. Do not think that these are just beautiful words. Bring them to life. If you want to be treated well, first give others a good attitude. If you want to be respected, respect others. Set an example, and he will return to you.

12. Learn to give
Do not be afraid to share what you know and know how. Share with others, help others. Let others rely on you to share your knowledge. Give it easy, give it often. Be the first.

13. Aim for the best.
“Normal” does not always mean “really good.” Set yourself high standards that others will accept later. When we ourselves raise the bar, we urge others to do the same. Spend a little more (time, effort), and perhaps others will follow your example.

14. Create an overall concept.
People need to understand where they are going, they need perspectives. You need a clear concept if you are trying to exert a constant influence on others. You need to understand where you are going if you are going to pull others along. Be clear. Set the slats. Conduct a dialogue.

1. Decide for yourself to be a financially successful person. This is very different from the simple wishes, hopes or even the thirst to be rich. Create such a state…


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