Not every employee wants to work in an office (and most often among them are the most talented unique specialists). In addition, renting real estate is not the cheapest. Therefore,…

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Transport and online ticket office - set or postpone?
Small and medium-sized businesses, and so life is not easy. If you sell something, you must sell it through an online cashier. The state has announced total control over the…

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5 killers of creativity and what to do in order to create an incentive to work? 1 - Multitasking and Distractions I know some people have mastered the art of…

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1. The best time to succeed.

There is no better time to start becoming successful, to change quickly and accumulate wealth than right now. How you live today determines how you will become in the future.

2. Look into the distance

When you buy something, always evaluate the thing in terms of long-term effect. That is, look not at how much you spend formally, but what resources, what investments it will require in the future (not only financial, but also labor or temporary).

3. Unhealthy attitude to money

Many people have two opposing emotions for money – love and hate. Love, because you can shop and get positive emotions. They hate it, because when they are not enough, there is a feeling that money controls their lives. If there is no money, people borrow or lend. Discard emotional purchases and credit cards.

4. Incorrect programming

Most people consider money as value. This is not true. Money is just a piece of paper. If you set the goal of “I want a million dollars” – it is meaningless. In fact, you say that you want a bunch of papers. Make it so that the goal is real, and not just want money. That is why rich people do not keep wealth in money.

5. Money vs value

Money grows when we focus on value creation. You must learn to create the value that others need. Then you will earn good money. Why did many people who won the money in the lottery quickly lose it? Because they did not know how to create and did not create value.

6. How not to think

If your environment is negative about money, says that money is evil, and wealth spoils people, the subconscious mind is programmed against wealth. This approach must be changed.

7. Purchase valuation

One of the bad habits is that we never consider how much a purchase is really worth. We do not know how many hours of work, energy and forces we will have to invest in order to afford this or that thing. Build a buying evaluation habit before you make it. Consider how much money you would earn by investing this amount competently.

8. Using money costs money.

For financial transactions that we carry out, take a commission. Many people do not pay attention to it, but often it is a large sum. Are you ready to take, and more than 15% of the working day to kill for nothing due to the fact that you withdraw money from someone else’s ATM?

9. Successful people do not keep fortune in money.

Rich people have assets, poor people have loans, debts and liabilities. It is necessary to keep the state in assets in order to save it from inflation.

10. Invest in your learning.

Training is your most valuable asset. Gaining new skills, you can earn more. Either learn the skills of a business and make it so that not you earn, but others earn you.

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1. Decide for yourself to be a financially successful person. This is very different from the simple wishes, hopes or even the thirst to be rich. Create such a state…