Key number 1 Decide for yourself to be a financially successful person. This is very different from the simple wishes, hopes or even the thirst to be rich. Create such…

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To begin with, we will define two basic rules:
– The basis of wealth number 1 – your expenses are less than your income.
– The basis of wealth number 2 – all the excess income to invest in assets that will give you passive income.

Next, your first step is to create a monetary reserve of confidence. Multiply the amount of average monthly expenses by 4-5 months. This amount you must have on hand. (deposit, cash)
* Set aside 10% of the monthly income, it is better to go to the bank right away, so as not to pull out as soon as you want to buy another knickknack.
* These 10% are easy to find if you keep track of expenses for a month. About 30% of the money of any person goes to unnecessary garbage.
* Take care of increasing income. Every month, do something to make your income grow by at least 5%.
* With each income increase you invest half, you can lower the second – you also need to get pleasure.

– Second step – Invest in assets you know. (If you do not know anything – start to understand)

– Investments in stocks, bonds, forens, forex, if you are not in the subject – the same casino, only without the buzz.

– Freedom is the presence of not only money, but also free time to enjoy them.

– It is extremely difficult for a hired employee to get freedom, a freelancer is a little easier, but not much.

– The optimal choice for self-realization, high income and free time – creating your own business – a project that will go from the heart to help people. For it will pay necessarily.

– One can do not much, in days 24 hours. You can work more, you can take more expensive, but soon you will still rest on the ceiling.

– The time of other people + competent delegation + the creation of a working system is the key to success.

– To meet basic needs you need very little money. For fun, you need a little more. For business and people – really a lot. Everything else is a toy, run for happiness, in which there are no winners.

– Money is usually paid too much attention to those who do not have them. And in the mode – I’m poor, but I do not steal.

– Understand your beliefs about money. While in my head a lot of cockroaches, you will subconsciously drive money from yourself.

– Wealth is measured in months. How many months will you live as usual if you don’t work?

– A million dollars is a garbage, not a goal. Goals – to be, to do, to have. And already these tasks can be calculated by the ruble.

– Pull up much harder than pull down. If people who treat money negatively by your side do not believe in themselves and do not have a dream, you will soon become infected.

– Every day, take one step to achieve well-being. Little. Tiny!!! BUT DO IT. The trend is much more important than the place from which you start.

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Not every employee wants to work in an office (and most often among them are the most talented unique specialists). In addition, renting real estate is not the cheapest. Therefore,…


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