How to hold a memorable webinar: 3 conditions
Webinars are gaining increasing popularity. Training events, product presentations for clients from different parts of the country, selling events. For webinars, almost all the rules of live performance apply. But…

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The word "performance" never aroused my particular interest, although I, I confess, sometimes used it. This word can mean 1) "fruitfulness, productivity" and 2) "the ability to produce a particular…

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10 WAYS TO LIVE AS A freelancer
1. Stop complaining A freelancer knows that complaining, especially at work, is a waste of time. The freelancer never does this, because the job is where the money comes from.…

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Key number 1
Decide for yourself to be a financially successful person. This is very different from the simple wishes, hopes or even the thirst to be rich. Create such a state that it has already happened. Financial independence is your decision.

Key number 2
Understand how money works. Most people have never studied finance either in school, or at the institute, or in everyday life. Most people have never made an effort to balance their monthly income and expenses. To manage something, you have to figure out how it works. Read, learn what successful people do. Take lessons from them

Key number 3
Decide on your relationship to money. Many people are passionate about spending, and are rather casual in this regard. No matter what your current relationship with money is, understand this, and create a relationship of respect, recognition, and gratitude. Use your money to manage your life, not let it rule you.

Key number 4
Set clear financial goals. They should be tall enough, but not incredible. Challenge yourself to become a financially free person before a certain time limit. Decide to save and invest a certain percentage each month.

Key number 5
Develop your own budget: the way you really want to use money to benefit yourself and your family, and manage your own life. Create a budget to buy the useful things you really want. Eliminate fleeting “impulses” that waste a lot of your income. Budget is a map to your destination. Develop such a card, and use it in motion to your vision of life.

Key number 6
Try to reduce costs. When you begin to manage your money, you have enough good reasons to reduce costs. Most self-taught millionaires live far below their means. You should do the same. Remember one thing: this is not a limitation. This is a reduction in the waste of your money.

Key number 7
Learn about investing and start investing. Invest in things that you understand. Invest carefully, wisely, and regularly. Goal: not instant enrichment, but get rich over time. Know and stick to the thin line between gambling and investing your money so that they work for you

Key number 8
Increase own assets. Most people try to increase their personal income, and this is a mistake. Making more money means paying more taxes. This is the emergence and provision of new opportunities. It takes time and hard work. And when wealth comes in the form of cash, it is easier to spend it. Millionaires buy stocks and buildings, they invest in assets that will make them rich – and it’s hard to spend on a passing whim

Key number 9
Find a competent consultant and try to reduce taxes. Most people pay too much tax. Taxes are your biggest expenses. The poor and middle class do not understand how much they pay, because it is simply deducted from their wages. The rich know that there are legal and appropriate ways to protect incomes. Study tax laws and use them to your advantage.

Key number 10
Your wealth should be used wisely. Someone once said: “The reason that most of us are poor is because we spent it all on ourselves.” Share. Help others. When you use money to change the world for the better, you get a chance to do even more. Being greedy and selfish, you will not attract money to yourself …

To grow, you need to change. You can not grow if you constantly stay in one place, if your views and mindset do not change. Our life is constantly undergoing…


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The advantages of staff outsourcing
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The training will increase the company's sales and profits.
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