1. Always have an idea of ​​what you are doing. It seems so simple, but more than once I came across situations where the other party had no idea what…

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Key number 1 Decide for yourself to be a financially successful person. This is very different from the simple wishes, hopes or even the thirst to be rich. Create such…

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Is our business profitable for investors?
Let's look at our lender, he gave a loan of $ 250, the business is profitable, we can pay him 10% a year, he is happy because he receives 10%…

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1.This world and society wishes you to be a stupid person!
The more stupid you are, the easier it is for you to sell various products and offer services. The size of the diagonal of the TV, as many know, is inversely proportional to the coefficient of human intelligence.

2. Do you still believe that education will make you a rich and free person?
You may not believe this, but the curriculum, according to which we are taught in the institutes, is outdated on the first day of your training. That is, we are taught that we no longer need. And remember, the institutes are taught to work, and not to earn, that is, having received a diploma, it is not a fact that you will become a rich and free person.

3. Read, read, read!
Read as much as possible without stopping. Of course, you do not know when this knowledge will be useful to you, but believe me, you will be very well prepared for life situations.

4. Communicating with others
If a person avoids another person, because he believes that he is not worthy of his conversation, then it will be difficult for him to find clients, friends, work.

5. Shyness
Shyness, if not strange, is a waste of time, do not let your emotions make decisions for you.

6. Relationships
If you do not get along in a relationship with another person, then in case of breaking up of this “something” relationship, 100% will be the cause.

7. Older people are wise people.
Communicating with older people, will only benefit everyone, these people have lived more than you, respectively, they have more experience in life situations. This communication is simply necessary for your development, absorb useful information for yourself.

8.Target in superiority.
Find idols, people you can admire and set yourself a goal to beat them.

9. Young and audacious
With age, each person becomes more conservative. If you want to get rich, achieve goals and success, do risky things today, while you are young and active.

10.Money and accumulation.
Do not spend money on the right and left, save up, set a goal for yourself, find a niche for yourself and save up for your start. This movement will teach you and spend money and business: wisely and for the sake of purpose.

11. Selection.
If you are faced with a choice of where to spend money: For impressions or things, then it is better to choose an impression, because joy from impressions and memories cost more things that will not bring joy with time.

12. Economy.
Learn to save, if you learn to save, then you will learn and earn!

13. Record your thoughts.
Get yourself a notebook, and write there all the brilliant ideas and thoughts.

14. Mourn!
Most believe that dreams remain dreams, believe and dream, you will succeed!

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