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Where is it better to register an offshore company?

The international company Aurora Consulting has been providing legal services to companies both in Ukraine and abroad for twenty years. During its existence, she managed to become one of the most developed and popular companies in her industry.

The main activities of Aurora Consulting:

Creation of trade schemes, the main purpose of which is to optimize taxation;
Creating schemes for the ownership of various enterprises;
Registration of legal entities (these can be firms, private individuals). It is carried out both in Ukraine and abroad;
Opening a bank account abroad;
Development jur. conclusions;
Provision of legal services related to business;
Liquidation of firms.
The company has its official website, where you can find all the detailed information about the services, its activities. Aurora Consulting also registers offshore companies.

Offshore, called firms that are registered in a foreign country. Usually, foreign companies go for it due to more benign taxes than those that were in their homeland.

In order to choose a country suitable for yourself, it is necessary to take into account many different factors and features of the registration procedure. So, without asking for help from experts can not do.

Since the employees of Aurora Consulting have extensive experience in their field, registration is done in a fairly short time, especially compared to other firms that provide similar services. They will also help you in solving any questions and difficulties associated with registration.

Employees, based on your position, will find the most advantageous option for opening offshore for your business. Clients can be sure that all contracts will be drawn up legally and correctly.

Aurora Consulting registers firms in accordance with the laws of the country where the registration process takes place.

The company chooses for registration only those countries where it is really profitable to conduct business.

In order to register, the client only needs to submit documents and conclude an agreement with the company, it will also register a certain period during which this process will take place.

If you are interested in the services of this company, visit their official website at the link auroracons.com.ua or call the contact number.

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