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10 effective tips to help you find the best web developer

Linus Torvalds, a Finnish-American software engineer, states: “Most good programmers do not program because they expect money or people’s approval for it, but because it is fun to program.” And it is true! An outstanding programmer is not one who has studied a huge number of programming languages ​​and knows them perfectly, but one who is madly in love with his work and enjoys it.

If you are an entrepreneur or just going to start a business, then creating a web site is one of the best ways to promote it. One of the key points of this process is to find a web developer, because a person should create an attractive image of your company, which should make a good impression on customers. Before your company or business hires a web developer, take these tips into account. They work wonders and do their work!

1. Take a closer look.
Energy, incentive, assertiveness, curiosity and dedication are the main traits of a first-class Drupal developer. If the developer is purposeful, he is ready to do a lot to achieve the goal, which means that he will create the site exactly the way you see it. Curiosity and dedication encourage people to learn more, and as a result, make better products.

2. Develop a small project
Creating a pilot project helps to see a person in action and get some additional information about its capabilities. Everyone expects from the developer of original solutions, excellent teamwork and a perfect end result. It is through the creation of such a small project that you can see if your candidate is actually quite qualified, or his professional training leaves much to be desired.

3. Mark the skills
Write down all the skills and accomplishments that an ideal candidate should possess. You can define a clear area of ​​knowledge that the applicant must possess; for example, certain programming languages ​​and content management systems. Next, during the interview, make sure that the candidate’s professional experience meets your needs.

4. Desire to learn
Time flies, technological progress is getting better and better, so make sure that the applicant has a good ability to adapt and learn something new. Imagine that you want a site in a very modern style that no one else had. What are you going to do? You will hire the full enthusiasm of a web developer who will be happy to learn and realize your dream, because he is always open to new things and constantly improves his skills.

5. Find examples of developer work.
Ask a potential candidate to submit his previous work. Experienced developers will be happy to show them, in order to demonstrate their abilities and talents. After reviewing the site of the applicant, you will see his style, advantages and disadvantages. Some technical aspects are also worth discussing. In general, you can accurately assess his abilities and competence.

6. Deadlines
You must ask the candidate whether he is doing the job on time. For example, ask the following: “Will you do everything possible to complete the task on time?”, “What will you do if you have time to meet the deadlines?”. When you get the answers to these questions, you can make certain decisions. If you are satisfied with his response and attitude with all the requirements, then go ahead, you can hire this person.

7. Teamwork
Ask if this person is in touch with other developers? A connoisseur of his field will easily convince others to join his team. Therefore, if he is a good leader and skillfully leads a team, this means that this candidate is an excellent choice for you.

8. Know the market price.
There is a demand for experienced programmers, and this demand is constantly increasing. If you want an impeccable site, hire a highly qualified developer who deserves a good salary. Therefore, it is better to know the market price, then you will not lose the opportunity to hire great developers by offering them a moderate salary. And remember: good is paid for good.

9. Set certain standards.
Identify the developer’s standards for creating code in order to prevent possible “Bahamas” and breakdowns. Try to find out if there are any problems in the code that may affect the work of the next developer to work with this code. Create all the standards you need to ensure the quality of the future product.

10. Do not hurry
And last but not least, do not rush! It is much better to do everything step by step. Call the candidate first, then arrange a good interview and ask important questions. Take enough time to think carefully about your choices, and you will see that the end justifies the means.

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