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How to create an effective presentation: 5 simple steps

Creating a presentation for a conference, webinar or meeting with investors is a difficult and responsible task. If you first started this business, it is difficult to make the presentation clear and stylish. There is no idea where to start, how to arrange and what exactly to write on the slides.

I will talk about how to prepare a presentation on my own to be remembered: how to create a logical structure, show statistics, create a modern design and prepare for the presentation.

Step 1. Purpose

Start by defining a goal – why you are creating this presentation:
Attraction of new clients;
Informing about a new product or service;
Attraction of partners, sponsors, investors;
A story about the outcome of the project, year or event;
Training presentation for webinar or course.

Step 2. Structure

The presentation plan is 70% of its readiness and 90% of success. When you define the structure, it remains only to draw thoughts beautiful decoration.

Any presentation consists of an introduction, main part and conclusion. Imagine telling a story. A fascinating story. First you need to catch the attention, to interest – to tell what will be discussed further. Describe the problem and give a solution. In the main part – a description of the product, benefits, evidence in the form of numbers, cost and other information depending on the topic and purpose of the presentation. In conclusion – important thoughts that listeners should remember, and a call to action.

How to make a presentation plan:
Write a list of slides with titles and notes. Write whatever you think is important – what you want to say. In the notes, note the key thoughts;
Determine the sequence: what will be at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the presentation. Mix, delete, add slides until you make sure the structure is logical.

Presentation structure example

Three sacred rules:
One slide – one thought. You do not need to fit the “Sales Plan” and “Research Results” on one sheet, even if the information fits.
Slides – help the audience, not yourself. If the slide is not useful, remove it.
Do not kill the last slide with the phrase “Thank you for your attention!” Remember the important points of the presentation and tell us what actions you expect from the audience.

Step 3. Text

Massive slides are boring slides. Slides with a minimum of text – informative and understandable slides.

To work with text, use the following rules:
Remove all unnecessary. Write sentences tezisno, as short as possible – leave the essence;
Reflect the main idea that the audience should remember after viewing a particular slide;
More images – less text. Use icons, graphics, photos in those cases where you can replace the text;
If the text does not fit on one slide, and it is important (really important), make a second or third slide in the continuation of your thought.
A lot of text, not highlighted the essence

The advantages of the product are clearly shown – only the essence

Step 4. Design

I will not talk about which colors are better combined with which ones. I’ll tell you about effective ways of visualization – so that your presentation will be remembered a week after the performance.

According to a study by John Medina from the book Brain Rules, three days after the presentation, most people remember about 10% of what they heard. But if you add an image, the amount of acquired information will increase to 65%.


It is better to make a background monophonic, so that the text is read. Observe the contrast: a dark background is a light font and vice versa. You can also use photos as a background.

Use a maximum of two font families: one for headings to get attention; the second is for the text on the slide;
The font should be readable – avoid curls and italics;
The font should be combined with the presentation. If you are talking about a serious IT project, you do not need to use the Comic Sans font. Look for suitable modern fonts in Google Font.

Images should evoke emotions and correspond to the thoughts on the slide. Non-standard images attract more attention, so look for pictures not on Google, but on photo stocks. For example, a free photo stock Pixabay.

Trite – not remembered

Causes emotions – will be stored in memory, inspire

Dull statistics

Remove all unnecessary from graphs and tables. Show only the most important large, what you want to pay attention to – numbers.
How to show statistics in numbers
How to show the dynamics – on the slide with the chart highlight the key indicator


Infographics helps to better understand the information.

Use icons, flat arrows, and simple color fills on shapes to show processes or benefits. Icons can be downloaded from free services: Flaticon or Iconsearch.
Icons line up the visuals and give rise to associations.

Uniform style
The presentation is better to use no more than three colors.
To maintain uniformity, use identical fonts, images, icons, background on all slides.

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