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How to hold a memorable webinar: 3 conditions

Webinars are gaining increasing popularity. Training events, product presentations for clients from different parts of the country, selling events. For webinars, almost all the rules of live performance apply. But there are differences. I will tell you what to do in order for the listeners to stay with you to the end, participate in the interactive and do the actions you need.

For myself, I highlight the three components of the webinar:
Content. What exactly do you want to convey to your audience. With what stories and cases will you present this information?
Visual. What the speaker looks like, where the light falls, how clear the presentation is.
Emotional. Submission of information, communication, interactive.
The content part will be very different from the goal of the webinar. But so far they have not come up with anything better than the presentation of information in the form of stories and cases. For my five-year-old daughter, there is nothing easier than coming up with a fairy tale and telling me. We, falling into the adult world, lose this ability. But the effectiveness of storytelling scientifically confirmed. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), scientists have found that brain activity is higher when we listen to stories.

Components of a good story
There is a hero in the story. The hero is the audience. Manager, client, you yourself or famous representatives of your area;
Conflict. The hero finds himself in a difficult situation. He faces bankruptcy, dismissal, things are not going well in the workplace. Conflict may be with external forces (state, foundations);
Morality. You show how the hero overcame the conflict and what conclusions he drew from this. Instead of being fired, the manager is promoted, a new partner is found, due to which bankruptcy did not take place;
Mentor. In the story there is a “good fairy”, which helps the hero to overcome obstacles: advice, money. This good fairy can be yourself, your company and product;
Emotions. Any story is an alternation of positive and negative emotions. Everything was just good, “bang” and life went downhill, and then a kind fairy appeared and everything became better than before. In this case, the webinar listeners will follow you, and they will not go to the kitchen to cook borscht.
Even if the purpose of the webinar is educational and one cannot do without theory, make short inserts from the stories. Selling webinar and webinar on the product should consist entirely of stories (cases) of your customers.

Here are a few questions that existing customers need to ask to form the right cases:
What influenced the choice of product?
How did you decide to buy?
What happened during the application?
What has changed after the application?
And once again: the hero is your audience. The story should tell about the problems and pains of those people who are sitting on the other side of the screen. Record in advance: who will be at the webinar, what worries him, what pains he has, what dreams.

Emotional component

There is an opinion that communication through the screen eats the speaker’s charisma. For me, this is only an opinion. It all depends on the desire and training leading webinar. The speaker at the webinar is constrained in movement, cannot walk around the stage, jump, dance, or attract attention. But he can do all this in the shower. After all, the participants will read your emotional state from the computer screen.

Get ready emotionally for each webinar. It could be good music, a movie. Among my acquaintances – the creators of online schools – there are those who watch KVN or Comedy Club before the webinar. There are those who turn off the phone on the day of an important speech, do not read the news, go for a walk for a whole day. Find your rituals. For me, this is communication with children. I relax, smile both externally and internally.

Determine in advance for yourself whether you will read the comments during the content section or set aside time for questions at the end of the webinar. If there are more than 100 people in the webinar, it becomes difficult to follow the chat. Therefore, I advise you to allocate a separate time for questions from participants. Yes, and there will always be one for whom the “sky is not enough blue.” Negative comments are frustrating, even if you understand their absurdity.

Redo all the important things before the webinar. Drink water (and put a beautiful glass near the workplace), go to the toilet, close the windows and doors, restart the computer, turn off the phone (or put on vibrate), turn off the alerts on the computer. Agree in advance with an assistant. This person will follow the communication, support chat, notify you about important comments. Every way to help and maintain your emotional state.

The webinar has begun and it is important for you not to lose the attention of the audience. There are several techniques:
Thank the audience that they decided to spend their time with you. Talk about how special they are;
Questions Every 3-5 minutes we ask a question. “Who was it? How did you do it? ”Whoever had it, put the number“ 7 ”in the chat;
Challenges. We give simple puzzles, ask the participants to respond to the chat. Once I made an investment presentation in reverse. First, I presented the students a product.

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